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Sex expert and scientists such as Mahirshi Vatsyayan, Mary Stopes, psychologists Adler and Jung etc. have left no efforts in constant studies, minuscule physical and mental observations, direct tests and researches to know about the great mystery on attaining orgasm in sex life.

Saturn Hora is good for to practice yoga or meditation, for illegal intimacy, to start petrol, oil, coal, leather business.

Vastu is science related to Land and the effect of the celestial body. According to mythology. A Mani from Lord Shiva's Eye drops and created a dragon called MOONGA. The dragon creates havoc among Devi Devatas .So Lord Shiva decides to destroy it. Moonga is pressed into the land in head facing North East direction. Moonga pleads Lord shiva to have mercy. So Shivji showing mercy on Moonga blesses it to become the Lord of land and names it Vaastu.