Kathmandu: New fortnight from which we making our prediction is 21 June 2020, at 12:27 Pm Kathmandu Nepal Time. 10 Degree 59 Minutes Virgo on the 1st House Cusp and 11 Degree 09 minutes of Gemini is on the 10th house Cusp in sidereal calculation.

The planet Mercury, Lord of Ascendant is in 10th house with Sun, Moon and Rahu is not good predominating for Government and its instituations. It may spoil the reputation and indicate setbacks for the international position of the country.
Saturn and Jupiter conjunction is in 5th with trine from Venus is good predominating for ministers, preceptors, diplomats, judges, treasury, top political and administrative positions, teaching, law, financial institutions and advisory roles, astrologers, management experts, administrators, business consulting and financial services.