Kathmandu, Nepal: After vowing to uphold and defend the Constitution of United States, Joe Biden has been officially took oath of office in as the 46th US president. At the time of his oath 20 Degree 04 Minutes Aries on the 1th House Cusp and 2 Degree 08 minutes of Capricorn is on the 10th house Cusp, as per sidereal astrology.

The conjunction of Mars and Moon in first house indicate, In Joe Biden's presidency America will face again war like incidents and danger from terrorist's also. But good placement of Venus in 9th house is good for foreign affairs, the arts, money, assets and values of country.
The conjunctions of four planets in 10th house is not good predominating for the president and his goals/concerns and his cabinet. It also effects in Judicial system, the common citizens of country and difficulty in passing important bills/policies. The relationship with other states will very cordial.
The kalsarpa yoga also signifies upsets, revolution and changes in Joe Biden's presidency.