Kathmandu: New fortnight from which we making our prediction is 12 May 2021, at 12:45 Am Kathmandu Nepal Time. 02 Degree 17 Minutes Sagittarius on the 10th House Cusp and 19 Degree 46 minutes of Aquarius is on the First house Cusp. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in First house cusp indicate there is chances of earthquake, and great damage by storms, wind and rain, Famous old men and women could die.
Moon and Sun conjunction in Fourth house Shows, Gardens and vegetables shall be spoiled and suffer detriment. But good for land owners, and workers of the land.
The conjunction of Venus Mercury and Rahu Trine with Jupiter and Saturn Forecast, Theater, sporting events, places of amusement and entertainment, gambling, and social functions will suffer. But the debilitated Mars is in six house cusp good predominating for good predominating for public health, hospitals, healthcare, and epidemics.