Kathmandu: PVR Narasimha Rao, the famous Astrologer, has become a favourite among many in the wake of coronavirus blighting the globe. The astrology guru had hinted at a turbulent phase in 2020 much before any famous astrologer or clairvoyant person did.

In November 2016, this is what PVR wrote on his Facebook page: "I am 99% sure of one thing - there is a major catastrophe coming in 2019-2021 time frame."

Recently, PVR made the bold prediction that China, as we know today, will not exist by 2030. "China will break up into at least five countries within some years. Just as USSR fell in the 1980s, it's going to be China's turn next. Revolts will take place in the country as the pent up anger of its people comes to the fore. By 2034, China will surely fall. Mars is in deep 'Gandantha' and in China's case, he is the Lagna lord. This combination brings about the destruction of any empire," the astrologer said.
I said this a few years back itself that China is in for big trouble. A series of chain reactions will result in its fall. China will become aggressive and might go to war in a few global theatres. I expect that there is going to be a war in South East Asia. Iran could be another theatre. All of this will lead to China's eventual downfall. There are going to be wars in this phase," he added in a video uploaded on March 29, 2020. (indiaGlitz.com)