Kathmandu: New fortnight from which we making our prediction is 12 April 2021, at 08:16 Am Kathmandu Nepal Time. 27 Degree 11 Minutes Capricorn on the 10th House Cusp and 13 Degree 20 minutes of Taurus is on the First house Cusp. The Conjunction of Mars and Rahu is in fifth house is not good predominating People and Country.

It can also effect police and militants. Mercury Moon and Sun in 11th House is good for the head of state, leaders, prime ministers, aristocracy, magistrates, and judges. It is also supportive for Financial Market. Nepse Could Rise but Gold price falls.
Jupiter is in 1oth house is also good predominating for ruler of the country, such as the president, prime minister, or the leadership overseeing the nation. But the square mode of Venus and Saturn is Indicate crime, criminals, mental health problems of common people could increase.